Psychological Counselling Service – Referral

心理輔導服務 - 轉介

Psychological Counselling Service – Referral

When a student is going through stress, unstable emotion or unusual behaviors may be observed. It’s always a signal for help!

Welcome to refer them to us for psychological counselling. We are also happy to discuss with you whether a referral is necessary and how to present the referral to the students. 

An indication that a referral may be needed:

  • Need for better self-understanding, to enhance interpersonal relationships, to explore and develop potentials, and to improve emotional wellness;
  • Sudden changes in school performance, e.g. a serious drop in grades and class attendance;
  • Marked changes in body weight, personal grooming, and hygiene;
  • Unusual or exaggerated emotional response which is inappropriate to the situation;
  • Feeling difficulty in adjusting to university life and powerless in coping with problems;
  • Feeling sad, anxious, stressed, or troubled for a long period;
  • Highly disruptive behaviour (hostile, aggressive, or violent);
  • Inability to communicate clearly (garbled, slurred speech; unconnected or disjointed thoughts);
  • Loss of contact with reality (seeing/hearing things which “aren’t there”; beliefs that are greatly at odds with reality or probability);
  • Threats of self-harm or harm to others (Call 999 immediately in case of emergency).


Special remarks for making referrals:

  • It is usually helpful that you discuss the possibility of using a psychological counselling service with the student before making a referral. An anonymous referral often makes it difficult for our psychological counsellor to develop trust with the student. Most students appreciate candid caring and support from people around them in their times of difficulty.
  • Except in dangerous situations, e.g. threats of self-harm or harm to others, the decision to accept or reject the referral is ultimately the student’s.
  • A referral may be made for consultation purposes, where our psychological counsellor meets with the student, makes an assessment, and offers recommendations to the staff member who made the referral.
  • A referral may be made for counselling purposes, where our psychological counsellor meets with the student, makes an assessment, develops a treatment plan, and begins the counselling process.
  • Under the obligation of confidentiality, all student information is kept strictly confidential. Our psychological counsellor is unable to disclose any information about the student to anyone, including the staff member who made the referral, without written consent from the student. If the referrer wants to know about the counselling progress of the student, please contact the student directly.
  • If you need immediate support during non-office hours, please contact the University Security Centre (Tel: 8822 4000). The student in need may also use the 24-hour Macau Caritas Life Hope Hotline (Tel: 2852 5222 / 2852 5777) or the Emergency Room (Tel:999) in case of emergency.

The following are the referral guidelines For Psychological Counselling Services: 

Referral Guideline


學生在面對生活及學習上的壓力時,常會出現波動的情緒或有反常的行為表現,這可能是一個求助警號 !


  • 希望增加自我了解、改善人際關係、探索並發展自我潛能、以及提升心理素質
  • 學習表現突變,如成績嚴重下跌或上課出席率變低
  • 體重、個人自理或衛生方面有顯著改變
  • 對事情有不尋常或過分誇張的情緒反應
  • 覺得難以適應學校的生活,對解決問題感到無力
  • 長期處於悲傷、緊張、壓抑或其他困擾的情緒
  • 出現具破壞性的行為,如有攻擊性、挑釁性或暴力的行為
  • 無法清晰地與他人溝通,如說話含糊不清、語義混淆或思想混亂
  • 與現實脫軌,如有幻覺或妄想等
  • 有傷害自己或他人的傾向 (遇緊急狀況時請電999)


  • 請你盡量在轉介前先與該同學討論一下他的情況以及我們的心理轉導服務。若同學不知道是誰人作出轉介或不了解自己為什麼需要轉介,我們的心理輔導員將很難與同學建立信任關係。其實大部分的同學在面對困難時,都希望得到周遭親友坦誠的關懷及支持。
  • 除危急狀況外(如傷害自己或傷害他人),同學有權決定是否接受服務
  • 你可以轉介同學前來諮詢。心理輔導員會與同學會面及進行評估,並在同學的書面同意下的向轉介者提供適當的建議或安排。
  • 你可以轉介同學前來接受心理輔導。輔導員會與同學會面、進行評估、擬定計劃並開始輔導過程。
  • 基於保密原則,我們必需將同學的所有資料嚴格保密。除非獲學生本人的書面同意,我們的心理輔導員不會向任何人士透露學生的資料,包括該同學的轉介者。
  • 如遇緊急情況,可致電保安中心(電話:8822 4000),在非辦公室時間需要緊急的輔導服務,致電24小時澳門明愛生命熱線(電話:2852 5222)。如情況緊急,請直接到急症室(電話:999)求助。



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