[Mental Health Tips] Five tips for you to overcome back-to-school anxiety

[心理健康小貼士] 從焦慮到自信,克服開學焦慮的五大秘訣



  1. 不輕言放棄


  1. 設定合理期望


  1. 學習時間管理


  1. 尋求社會支持


  1. 培養健康的生活習慣





Five tips for you to overcome back-to-school anxiety

After a joyous and leisurely summer vacation, we have finally entered the back-to-school season. For university students, this season is both exciting and filled with challenges. However, it can also bring about feelings of anxiety, which may stem from academic pressures, adapting to new environments, and changes in social lives. Anxiety is a natural stress response, but excessive anxiety can have negative effects on learning and daily life. Here are some strategies to help university students better cope with stress and adapt to this new stage.

  1. Do not easily give up

When faced with difficulties, do not readily surrender. Seek solutions to problems and seek help and support. Believe in your abilities, for you can overcome any challenge. Also, remember that your worth is not solely determined by the numbers on your transcript. What matters is your effort, perseverance, and growth. Believe in your potential, for you can achieve greatness.

  1. Set realistic expectations

Set reasonable goals and expectations, ensuring that they are achievable and avoiding the pursuit of perfection. Unrealistic goals can lead to feelings of defeat. Additionally, avoid excessive comparison with others and view comparison as motivation. Comparison can help us recognize our own needs, thus enabling us to establish more specific goals.

  1. Learn time management

Acquire effective time management skills and allocate study and rest time appropriately. This helps reduce academic pressure and enhances learning efficiency. When you can make full use of your time, you will find yourself with more time to pursue interests and enjoyments, thereby achieving a balanced life.

  1. Seek social support

Seeking support and engaging in communication is another important strategy for coping with anxiety. Sharing your worries with family, friends, or the university counselling service can alleviate the negative impact of anxiety and stress. Additionally, building healthy social relationships can provide emotional support and encouragement, aiding in your adaptation to the new environment.

  1. Cultivate healthy habits

Physical and mental health are interconnected. Maintaining healthy habits such as proper diet, exercise, sleep, and relaxation can help you better cope with stress and anxiety. Exercise, meditation, and breathing exercises are effective relaxation techniques that can help alleviate stress and anxiety.

The back-to-school season may bring about stress and anxiety, but it is also a new beginning filled with hope and opportunities. By learning stress management techniques and establishing good social and lifestyle habits, you will be better equipped to adapt to the new environment and achieve your goals and dreams. If you need psychological counselling, our counsellors can provide appropriate help.

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