Points to note on the border wall between Macao and Hengqin on campus





Dear Students,

Our campus is located at the Hengqin Island of Zhuhai while the Macau local legislation applies here.  There is no other access connecting UM and the Macau Cotai area except the UM underwater tunnels (pedestrian and vehicle access). 

Neighboring with Hengqin, Guangdong, the campus is surrounded by the border wall at South, West and North area, with embankment on the East facing the Zhuhai Waters (Please refer to the map below).  Please be reminded that climbing over the border wall or the embankment along the University East might result to suspect of illegal immigration and criminal offense.  Students are therefore strongly advised to keep away from these areas.    

The bridge connecting the University and the Hengqin Port is NOT yet open.  Please do not enter the related area.

Your attention and cooperation to the above will be highly appreciated.

Student Affairs Office