CCE and ICMS offer CPD course for health professionals

澳大持續進修中心與中華醫藥研究院合辦 “持續專業發展(CPD) 培訓活動” 課程

澳大持續進修中心與中華醫藥研究院合辦 “持續專業發展(CPD) 培訓活動” 課程

澳大持續進修中心與中華醫藥研究院於8月合辦持續專業發展 (CPD) 培訓活動課程,以提升醫療人員知識水平,促進醫療發展及市民的健康。該課程為臨床實踐中的科學發現與研究:從組學到治療,共12學時,由陳修平教授和王穎副教授講課,對象為醫療人員,當中有醫生、護士和醫務化驗師。課程的內容有腸道菌群與潰瘍性結腸炎、基因組學與腸道疾病、維生素 C 的抗癌之路及SCI 論文的寫作與投稿。



關於 “持續專業發展培訓活動” 學分的訊息,可瀏覽澳門衛生局網頁(、藥物監督管理局網頁 (、澳門醫學專科學院網頁 ( 以及護理專科委員會網頁(。


CCE and ICMS offer CPD course for health professionals

CCE and ICMS jointly organized and launched a course for “Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Training Activity” in August to improve the knowledge of health professionals, promote the medical development and the health of citizens. The joint course is “Scientific Discovery and Research in Clinical Practice: from Omics to Therapy” with a total of 12 hours. The course is lectured by Prof. Xiuping CHEN and Prof. Ying WANG. The students are the health professionals, including doctors, nurses, and laboratory technologists. The course contents include gut flora and ulcerative colitis, genomics and intestinal diseases, vitamin C’s anti-cancer path, and writing skills and submission for SCI papers.

The course has been successfully completed with great recognition and feedback from students. The students, whose attendance rate reaches 80% of the whole course, will be awarded a testimonial jointly issued by CCE and ICMS.

Starting from 1 October 2023, the health professionals must obtain the credits required by participating in CPD activity within the license cycle.  The credits obtained in each cycle can only be applied for the immediate renewal or re-issuance for the license. During the transition period, the credits obtained from 1 October 2021 to 30 September 2023 can be included in the immediate license cycle.

The information related to credits can be retrieved from Macao Health Bureau website (, Pharmaceutical Administration Bureau website (, Macao Academy of Medicine ( and Comissão de Especialidades de Enfermagem (

CCE takes social responsibility to fulfill the needs of government departments and the Macao society, so as to be committed to providing continuous education courses for health professionals and improving their career development, as well as making positive contributions to the talent training of the Macao SAR.