【Further Study Information】Red Bird MPhil Program offered by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou)


以下資料由 香港科技大學(廣州) 提供,學生事務部生涯發展中心代傳。
The following information is provided by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou) and posted by Career Development Centre, Student Affairs Office.

Red Bird MPhil (RBM) Program is HKUST(GZ)’s key vehicle for practising and promoting the interdisciplinary “Hub Concept” in cultivating talented young people. Based on the notion of student-centredness, students, academic supervisors from hubs/thrusts, industry advisors and project mentors work together to complete group projects and teaching tasks. Students develop quickly in this total immersion in knowledge and skill.

Program Uniqueness

  • Project-based active learning model, encouraging students to form project teams to conduct research on integrated systems with challenging group project goals.
  • Well-designed group projects that practise the Hub Concept, are multidisciplinary and driven by real needs, are proposed by students, industry partners, academic faculties, or other channels.
  • Empower students to gain interdisciplinary knowledge, practicing team spirit and project management skills through project development process.
  • Breakthrough the traditional classroom, modularized courses are embedded into projects to ensure students get the best out of them.
  • Individual projects have a clearly defined research content to ensure student who has completed the projects successfully are able to meet the MPhil academic requirements of HKUST.

Illustration showing Red Bird MPhil (RBM) multidisciplinary group projects’ concept

Red Bird MPhil (RBM) students, as the main contributor of the projects, are supervised by both academic and industry supervisors to ensure the deliverables of individual projects. This project-based system allows supervisors and students to synergize diverse knowledge from multiple disciplines and collaboratively contribute to the success of the team project.

Admission Timeline for 2024-25 Fall Intake

21 July 2023 Applications Open
September 2023 to August 2024 Admission offers will be issued on a rolling basis, according to individual program’s admission schedule
1 September 2024  Program Commencement


Program Leaflet


For more details, please visit the website: fytgs.hkust-gz.edu.cn/adm-req

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