Recruitment Advertisement of 2 Academic Positions and 3 Administrative Positions

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to inform you that the positions below were advertised recently:

(1) Full/Associate Professor of English Linguistics
(Ref. No.: FAH/FAP/EL/01/2023)
For details, please visit:

(2) Full/Associate/Assistant Professor in Microelectronics
(Ref. No.: IME/FAAP/01/2023)
For details, please visit:

(3) Information Technology Officer/Information Technology Technician for the Information Management Section
(Ref. No.: ICTO/IMS/ITT/01/2023)
For details, please visit:

(4) Multimedia Producer for the Public Relations Section of the Communications Office
(Ref. No.: CO/PRS/AA/01/2023)
For details, please visit:

(5) Administrative Assistant for the Moon Chun Memorial College
(Ref. No.: MCMC/AA/01/2023)
For details, please visit:

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Thank you for your kind attention.

Human Resources Section