Scam Prevention Talk (18 October, 15:00)

防騙招式大拆解 (10月18日 下午3時)


In view of the fact that many college students have recently been targeted by phone and internet scams and incurred serious losses, to strengthen students’ awareness of scam calls and avoid becoming the next victim. Student Affairs Office holds a talk on the prevention of scam calls, which includes the latest scam call tactics, case analysis and prevention, etc. Details are as follows:

日期: 2023年10月18

時間: 15:00-16:00

地點: 崇文樓演講廳E34-G011室

語言: 普通話 (英語即時傳譯)

主講: 學生輔導處處長蘇桂龍博士

報名連結: 按此


Time: 18 October 2023

Date: 15:00-16:00

Venue: E34-G011 Lecture Hall

Language: Mandarin (Simultaneous interpretation in English)

Speaker: Dr. Elvo SOU (Head of Student Counselling Section)

Registration: Click here


如有任何查詢, 請聯絡88224821, 或電郵致

Please contact 88224821, or email for more details.



Student Affairs Office