Special Traffic Arrangement for Charity Run of Caritas Macau 2023, 2023/10/29 (Sunday)




  1. 校友大道近學院一則的行車道將實施封路;
  2. 圖書館北街、圖書館廣場、圖書館南街、中央大道、學院五徑、校友大道、居易大道、學院一徑及盛蓮大道部份路段將會被封閉作比賽用途;
  3. 職員停車場P4於活動期間將實施有限度通車;
  4. 比賽路線圖(只供參考,由主辦單位提供):




Dear Students and Colleagues,

Kindly be informed that “Charity Run of Caritas Macau 2023” will be held on 29 October 2023 (Sunday) during the morning time. To cope with the above-mentioned activity, Security and Facilities Services Section (SFS) will implement the following special traffic arrangements from 05:00 am to 12:00 pm:

  1. The lane near Faculty buildings along Alumni Avenue will be blocked;
  2. Library North, Library Plaza, Library South, Central Avenue, Faculty 5th Lane, Alumni Avenue, Residence Avenue, Faculty 1st Lane and Lotus Avenue will be partially closed for competition;
  3. Staff Car Park P4 will be opened for limited access during the activity;
  4. Competition Map (for reference ONLY, provided by the organizer):

Please help to deliver the above messages to the related residents, contractors and outlets. Last but not the least, please take note of the traffic signs and follow the instructions of on-site staffs. Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

Best Regards,

Security and Facilities Services Section