Seminar for National Safety and Security (15 Nov, 15:00) – 0.5 smart point and 10 CS points

《維護國家安全法》講座 (11月15日下午3時) - 0.5粒至叻星及10個 CS分數

為了加强同學們對《維護國家安全法》的認識,學生事務部 與 澳門教育及青年發展局 邀請到澳門法務局舉辦相關講座,詳情如下:
In order to enhance students’ understanding of National Safety and Security, the Student Affairs Office and Macao SAR Education and Youth Development Bureau invite Macao SAR Legal Affairs Bureau to organize a seminar with details below:

日期: 2023年11月15日
時間: 15:00-16:00
地點: E34 崇文樓演唱廳 G011室
語言: 廣東話
主講: 澳門法務局
報名連結: 按此

Time: 15 Nov 2023
Date: 15:00-16:00
Venue: Cultural Building Lecture Hall (E34-G011)
Language: Cantonese 
Speaker: Macao SAR Legal Affairs Bureau
Registration: Click Here

如有任何查詢, 請聯絡88224821,或電郵至
Please contact 88224821, or email to for more details.


*Students who attend the WHOLE activity and arrive ON TIME will be given 0.5 Smart Point

** 全程參加活動及準時到達將獲得全人發展獎勵計劃”公民責任心” 的10個CS分數。
** Students who attended the WHOLE seminar will be awarded 10 “UM Competencies (CS)” on “Responisble Citizenship” in the Whole Person Development Award Programme

Student Affairs Office