【Advising Services of Career Development Centre】Career Advising Associates are prepared to listen to your needs and discuss further study and career plans with you


Dear students,

Would you like to develop a clear plan for your future development that matches with your career interests and skills? Are you looking for advice on writing your resume, cover letter, and personal statement for job and further study applications?

Our team of Career Advising Associates is ready to listen to your needs and discuss your plans for further study and your career. We are here to help you explore your career interests, skills, and values; create career plans; and prepare for further study and job applications. Feel free to make an appointment with us for the following advising services:

Through a one-to-one advising session, we will guide you to recognize yourself, help you to make a career decision, and accompany you out of career confusion.

(Details: https://scs.sao.um.edu.mo/career-development-centre/student/advising-service/career-lounge/)

We help you polish your resume and cover letter in English or Chinese for job applications in Macao / Mainland China and resume for further study applications.

(Details: https://e-bulletin.um.edu.mo/notice/153382/)

We help you get familiarized with the questions that might be asked in an interview so you won’t feel nervous in your next interview.

(Details: https://e-bulletin.um.edu.mo/notice/143074/)

We comment on your writing and help you write a strong personal statement for the postgraduate programme applications.

(Details: https://scs.sao.um.edu.mo/career-development-centre/student/advising-service/review-on-personal-statement/)

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us at sao.career@um.edu.mo/ 8822 4916.


你是否想為自己的未來發展制定一個與你的就業興趣和技能相匹配的明確計畫? 你是否正在為求職的履歷、求職信,以及升學申請的個人陳述,尋求一些寫作建議?



(詳情: https://scs.sao.um.edu.mo/career-development-centre/student/advising-service/career-lounge/?lang=zh-hant)


(詳情: https://e-bulletin.um.edu.mo/notice/153382/)


(詳情: https://e-bulletin.um.edu.mo/notice/143074/)


(詳情: https://scs.sao.um.edu.mo/career-development-centre/student/advising-service/review-on-personal-statement/?lang=zh-hant)

如有任何疑問,請透過sao.career@um.edu.mo/ 8822 4916與我們聯絡.