UMVP Shenzhen Educational Trip Sharing



義工隊成員反映:「這次活動經驗受益匪淺,對於改革開放和志願服務有了更深刻的了解和體會,激發自己更多的積極性和貢獻精神。 」


UM Volunteer Programme (UMVP) recently (25th and 26th) organized an educational trip to Shenzhen to increase knowledge and foster the growth of volunteerism in mainland China. The students participated in a caring visit to the elderly. In addition to engaging in conversation and playing activities with the elderly residing in the nursing home, UMVP members performed tunes for the elderly, fostering an environment brimming with joy and affection. Furthermore, the students visited the Shenzhen District Party and Mass Service Center, engaging in substantive dialogues and exchanges with Shenzhen voluntary organizations. This experience gave them an understanding of the local voluntary service providers’ professionalism and firmly established framework. Additionally, they visited the Museum of Contemporary Art& Planning Exhibition, where they observed the exhibition titled ” Great Tide Rising Surge along with the Pearl River.” This exhibition provided a comprehensive depiction of the city’s progress and that of the motherland.

UMVP members commented, “The experience was very beneficial, as they were inspired to be more active and contributing. They gained a deeper understanding and appreciation of China’s reform, opening up and the development of the voluntary services.”