Prevention Measures Against Respiratory Tract Infection




  1. 工作人員如出現發熱或呼吸道症狀時,應佩戴口罩直至病癒;同一空間的其他工作人員亦建議佩戴口罩;
  2. 倘連續2天內出現症狀的工作人員達下表人數時,則在該空間內工作的全體工作人員應佩戴口罩7天,並於第7天按此標準再進行評估。
    同一個空間間隔總人數 發病人員數目或發病人數佔在該空間間隔內工作人數的百分比
    少於25人 3 人
    25 人或以上 15%


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人力資源處 謹啟

Dear Colleagues,

According to the guidelines announced by the SAFP, all staff members should comply with the following measures:

  1. Staff members who have fever or respiratory symptoms should wear face masks until recovered. Other staff members in the same area are also recommended to wear masks.
  2. When the number of infected staff members reaches the criteria mentioned in the table below for 2 consecutive days, all staff members working in the same area should wear face masks for 7 days, and re-assessment should be conducted according to the same criteria again on the 7th day.
    Total number of staff members
    working in the same area
    No. of infected staff members or percentage of
    infected staff members in the same area
    Less than 25 3
    25 and above 15%


Thank you for your attention!

Human Resources Section