UM Research Assistant Professor Seminar made a successful debut



研討會的第一場於 2024 年1 月 24 日舉行。6名生物醫學及物理科學的澳大研究助理教授作報告,分別為中華醫藥研究院的馮瑞冰、智慧城市物聯網國家重點實驗室的管錚、科技學院的孫泉、健康科學學院的周立強以及協同創新研究院的張凱樂和趙治瀛。

研討會的第二場於2024年1月25日舉行。 8名人文社科領域的澳大研究助理教授作報告,分別為人文學院的王雨、社會科學學院的敖頌和朱楠、工商管理學院的蘇智偉、易筱和胡婧、教育學院的陳璵以及法學院的賴冠儒。



The “UM Research Assistant Professor Seminar” was successfully held on 24 and 25 January, 2024. The Research Services and Knowledge Transfer Office has invited a total of 14 UM Research Assistant Professors (UMRAP) from fields of biomedical sciences, physical sciences, and social sciences and humanities to present their latest research findings. Vice Rector (Research) Wei Ge attended the seminar, and more than 30 teaching and research staff members attended the seminar and actively participated in the interaction session.

The first session of the seminar was held on 24 January. Six UMRAP in biomedical sciences and physical sciences field delivered presentations, and they are Ruibing Feng from ICMS, Zheng Guan from IOTSC, Quan Sun from FST, Liqiang Zhou from FHS, and Kaile Zhang and Zhiying Zhao from ICI.

The second session of the seminar was held on 25 January. Eight UMRAP in the field of social sciences and humanities presented their research work, and they are Yu Wang from FAH, Song Ao and Nan Zhu from FSS, Zhiwei Su, Xiao Yi and Jing Hu from FBA, Yu Chen from FED, and Kuan Ju Lai from FLL.

Members of the UMRAP advisory panel were impressed with the productive research work and achievements of UMRAP. They also provided valuable guidance on UMRAP’s research directions. Additionally, the panel members encouraged UMRAP to produce more internationally impactful outcomes and actively participate in interdisciplinary research in the future.

The “UM Research Assistant Professor Seminar” has made a successful debut, providing an opportunity for outstanding young scholars to showcase their research work and outcomes. Through this seminar, RSKTO aims to create a platform for the demonstration and exchange of academic achievements, while stimulating scholars’ enthusiasm for research, and facilitating collaboration and innovation.

Vice Rector (Research) We Ge addressed the Seminar


A UMRAP sharing his research work in the Seminar


Interactive session