7-Night and 30-Night Long Stay Packages at UM Guest House






房型 7 晚 30晚
含早餐 不含早餐 含早餐 不含早餐
標準雙人房 MOP 5,040 MOP 4,340 MOP 19,200 MOP 16,200
高級雙人房 / 標準雙床房 / 無障礙雙床房 MOP 5,530 MOP 4,830 MOP 21,000 MOP 18,000

1. 延期住宿將根據上表所列出之優惠計劃房費按比例收取。
2. 長住優惠計劃僅適用於2024年5月3日及之後獲確認的預訂,如於以上生效日期之前已獲確認的預訂,請與學生資源處聯繫以登記長住優惠計劃。

電話:8822 4156 或 8822 8397 (辦公時間)

Dear Colleagues,

New service of 7-Night and 30-Night Long Stay Packages have been launched at UM Guest House, which are specifically tailored to meet the long-term accommodation needs of UM guests and facilitate their engagement with the UM community.

This offer is exclusively available to both regular and non-regular UM staff members, as well as invited scholars and guests.

Room rates for 7-Night and 30-Night Long Stay Package:

Room Type 7-Night 30-Night
Breakfast Included Breakfast Excluded  Breakfast Included Breakfast Excluded 
Standard Double Room MOP 5,040 MOP 4,340 MOP 19,200 MOP 16,200
Superior Double / Twin Room / Accessible Room MOP 5,530 MOP 4,830 MOP 21,000 MOP 18,000

1. Any extension of the stay is charged on a pro-rata basis according to the room rate package mentioned in the above table. 
2. Long Stay Packages are only applicable to the reservations confirmed on or after 3 May 2024. For those reservations confirmed prior to the above effective date, please contact the Student Resources Section to register for the Long Stay Packages.

For enquiry and reservation about UM Guest House, please feel free to contact the Student Resources Section:
Tel.: 8822 4156, 8822 8397 (office hour)
E-mail: N1.booking@um.edu.mo
UM Guest House website: https://srs.sao.um.edu.mo/um-guest-house/
UM Guest House promotion leaflet: PDF file