【Career Development Centre of Student Affairs Office】 Further Study Insider (8): How to Maintain A Good Relationship with Professors

【學生事務部 生涯發展中心】 升學情報(八):如何與教授保持良好關係

How to Maintain A Good Relationship with Professors

When you apply for postgraduate programmes, you are always asked to provide a recommendation letter which is written by a professor. Maintaining a good relationship with professors may help you get a powerful recommendation letter, as they can give you a positive evaluation of your academic, work performance, and personal characteristics. Here are some ways that can help you build a good relationship with professors.

  • Learn about the professors by reading their bio on the faculty website, in which you can find their educational background, research interests, and publications. These pieces of information can help you to start a good conversation with professors.

  • Write a professional email to professors when you want to contact them. A well-written email may help you leave a good impression on the professors. When you write an email, use an appropriate salutation and state clearly and concisely what you need. And always remember to conclude the email by saying thank you and adding a proper signature.

  • Ask meaningful questions about the course during the lectures. You may also drop by professors’ offices during their office hours and discuss the course content with them. Stay in touch with them after completing their courses by keeping them updated on your studies.



  • 在學院網站上閱讀教授們的簡歷,了解他們的教育背景、研究興趣和發表的刊物。這些信息可以幫助你與教授展開良好的對話。

  • 當你想聯繫教授時,給他們寫一封專業的電子郵件。一封寫得好的電子郵件可能會幫助你給教授留下良好印象。當你撰寫電子郵件時,使用適當的稱呼並清楚簡潔地說明你的需要。務必記得在電郵尾段說聲謝謝,並添加適當的署名。

  • 在課堂上提出跟課程有關且有意義的問題。你也可以在教授的辦公時間拜訪他們,與他們討論課程內容。在課程結束後與他們繼續保持聯繫,讓他們了解你的學習情況。