Academic Year 2023/2024 – Arrangement for Postgraduate Freshmen to Apply for Stay Permit (1 September – 5 October)

2023/2024學年 - 研究及博士新生辦理【逗留特別許可】的安排 (9月01日 - 10月05日)


根據第4/2003號法津第8條之規定,來澳修讀高等院校課程之非本地學生必須辦理【逗留特別許可】(俗稱學生簽證),該許可是逗留澳門地區的有效證件。故所有非本地學生必需辦理,否則將觸犯法律而引致逾期居留,後果相當嚴重 (最嚴重者將被驅逐出境並禁止兩年內不能到訪澳門)。有關資訊可瀏覽治安警察局網頁:






  1. 往來港澳通行證/ 有效護照/ 旅遊證件之正副本;
  2. “入境申報表”之正副本;


  3. 1吋半白底正面近照1張。



電話: 8822-9902 / 8822-9912


Dear student,

According to Macau Law 4/2003 Article 8, all non-local students (except Hong Kong Permanent Residents) taking a Higher Education Programme at a Higher Institute in Macao are required to apply for “Special Authorization to Stay” (aka “student visa”). This document serves as a valid permit to stay in Macao. Failing to comply with this requirement will result in violation of the law and serious consequence (The violator may be expelled from Macao and prohibited to enter Macao again within two years). For more information about it, please visit:

Student Resources Section will arrange all non-local freshmen (including both undergraduate and postgraduate) to the Immigration Department for applying the mentioned Authorization. Please be punctual and late comer will NOT be entertained. While it takes approximately 2 hours for the application.

Date:01, 04-08, 11-15, 18-22 Sep & 05 Oct 2023 (17 days in total)

Assembly Point:PGH S3 Bus Station

Schedule:PG Stay Permit Schedule

The schedule has been sent to the Immigration Department and not able to amend. 

Required Documents for Application of “Special Authorization to Stay”

  1. Original & copy of the valid P.R.C. permit for travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao /passport / travel document;
  2. Original & copy of the “Slip of Authorization to Stay”;
  3. A recent 1.5-inch with white-background photo.

Note: Student Resources Section will distribute the testimonial on the date of application.

Please find the below bus route for heading back to campus:

For any enquiries, please contact Mr.HO or Ms. NGAI
Phone: 8822-9902 / 8822-9912

Student Resources Section
Student Affairs Office