Smoking is prohibited in UM campus except designated smoking zones






1. 薈萃街與居易大道交界 2. 學生活動中心(E31)與法學院(E32)之間
3. 科研大樓北二十二座(N22)與科研大樓北二十四座(N24)之間 4. 連接科技學院(E11)與健康科學學院(E12)之連廊
5. 社會科學學院(E21B)與工商管理學院(E22)之間的平台角落  




Dear colleagues and students,

According to the Law No. 13/2022: Amendment to Law No. 5/2011 Regime of Tobacco Prevention and Control, smoking is prohibited in UM campus except designated smoking zones. Tobacco control inspectors from Health Bureau will visit UM campus for inspection from time to time. Please do not try to violate the law. 

Designated smoking zones in UM campus:

1. Junction between Mall Street and Residence Avenue 2. between Student Activity Centre (E31) and Faculty of Law (E32)
3. between Research Building N22 and Research Building N24 4. Sky-lobby connecting Faculty of Science and Technology (E11) and Faculty of Health Sciences (E12)
5. Corner at rooftop between Faculty of Social Sciences (E21B) and Faculty of Business Administration (E22)  


Thank you for your attention.

Office of Health, Safety and Environmental Affairs