[Reminder] UMSU: Election of the 26th Management Board of UMSU – Voting Period & Polling Stations

【提提你】澳大學生會: 第二十六屆澳門大學學生會領導機關選舉 - 投票日期及地點

本通告由 澳門大學學生會選舉委員會 製作,學生發展處代傳。
This bulletin is produced by the Election Committee of UMSU and posted by Student Development Section.




並且現將公布票站分配, 今年共有12個票站,佈滿了整個校園!大家記得投票前check清楚每日票站的分佈資訊!


The election for the 26th Management Board of the UMSU will take place on September 25-27 for all UM students to vote

The election committee is inviting all UM students to seize the opportunity to exercise their rights as members of the UMSU. One person, one vote to elect a new management board of the Student Union next year. Let’s protect students’ rights and interests while working together to build a brighter future for the university.

Additionally, we are announcing the locations of the polling stations. This year, there are 12 polling stations spread over the campus. Everyone, please check before casting your vote!