CKPC: Exploring Nanhai I Shipwreck

曹光彪書院 探秘南海一號







In order to foster students’ historical and cultural cultivation as well as patriotism, the Chao Kuang Piu College of the University of Macau has organized a fruitful field trip to the coastal areas of Yangjiang and Taishan in Guangdong Province.

In early Southern Song Dynasty, the maritime silk road was well developed. Around the 1160s, one of the cargo sailing ships originated from Fujian sank in the sea near Hailing Island in Yangjiang City.  The shipwreck was found in 1987 and named “Nanhai I”.

CKPC’s study group arrived at the Maritime Silk Road Museum on Hailing Island to learn about the process of salvaging the shipwreck in 2007.  They viewed a large number of valuable artifacts such as porcelain, gold ornaments, coins and other items found in the water, as well as the relatively intact hull of the ship. The students were amazed at the highly developed commerce in the Song Dynasty and the influence of the ancient maritime silk road on the world.

Afterwards, the group went to Dongping Dai’ao village in Yangdong County to visit the fishermen’s houses, the Fishermen’s Folk Museum, and the sculpture of Zheng He. The fishing village was an essential port on the “Silk Road” and still preserves its original style. The blue sky and white clouds, as well as the smell of dried sea food in the village, allowed the students to experience the life of a traditional fishing village in southern China.

In addition, the group also visited Guliao village on Hailing Island to learn about the government’s work on village revitalization in recent years; Lushan Mountain (Windmill Mountain) to learn about the combination of environmental protection and tourism; and the Meijia Compound in Duanfen Township, Taishan to visit the largest building complex with overhang arcades in the nation and to experience the local countryside snacks.

After the trip, students will produce presentations and videos on topics such as Nanhai I, Tai’ao fishing village, village revitalization, windmill hill, and the Meijia Compound.