CMSA, UMSU: 2023 CMSA Photography Competition (Application: Sep 24 to Oct 8)

澳門大學學生會內地學生會:「盛世華誕,文化葳蕤」 攝影比賽(報名:9月24日至10月8日)

This bulletin is produced by CMSA, UMSU, and reposted by SAO-SDS. 







  • 參賽選手每人提交最多三張照片。若提交超過三張,僅取前三張參與比賽。
  • 參賽者不重複獲獎。按個人最好成績頒發獎品。
  • 參賽者須對作品進行必要的文字簡述
  • 參賽作品須為原創
  • 僅允許適當數碼修改(如裁剪,除塵,合理調整曝光,顔色和對比度等)
  • 如作品有發表或刊登過,請註明(所有參賽的主辦方不為商用,僅用於展示)





Dear students,

This photography competition is one of the events organized by the University of Macau Student Union Mainland Student Association to celebrate the 74th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and the 24th anniversary of the establishment of the Macao Special Administrative Region.

In Macao, the collision and integration of various cultures, including Chinese and Portuguese, can be witnessed everywhere. It’s the bus announcements in four different languages, and it’s the wide variety of global cuisines found on every street corner. In Macao, Chinese culture has taken root and flourished, whether in the form of old Shanghai dumpling shops on the street, Northern and Sichuan restaurants, or the sudden eruption of hometown dialects from passing tourists. With the “click” of the camera shutter, we aim to capture the concrete expressions of this rich cultural tapestry as seen through your eyes.

Theme: Capturing tangible representations of Macao’s Chinese-Portuguese cultural exchange or Mainland Chinese culture.

Submission Requirements:

  • Each participant can submit a maximum of three photos. If more than three photos are submitted, only the first three will be considered for the competition.
  • Participants cannot win multiple awards. Prizes will be awarded based on individual best performance.
  • Participants must provide a brief description of their work.
  • Submitted works must be original.
  • Only limited digital modifications are allowed (such as cropping, dust removal, reasonable adjustments to exposure, color, and contrast, etc.).
  • If the work has been previously published or displayed, please indicate (all entries will not be used for commercial purposes, only for exhibition).

Registration Period: September 24 to October 8

Registration Link:

All award-winning works will be showcased during the CMSA National Day Celebration on November 5.