UM National Flag Team Successfully Held the Flag Raising Ceremony to Celebrate the National Day


UM National Flag Team Successfully Held the Flag Raising Ceremony to Celebrate the National Day


UM National Flag Team Marched Neatly towards the Flag Raising Platform


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The fragrance of grains fills the air in celebration of the prosperous era, and the Chinese land is full of joyous songs. On 1st October 2023, UM National Flag Team (NFT) held a grand Flag Raising Ceremony at the Lotus Square of the University of Macau to warmly celebrate the 74th Birthday Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. RC masters and students gathered at the ceremony site, holding the National Flag, witnessing the five-starred red flag being raised in the wind, and sending sincere blessings for the birthday of our Motherland.

The UM NFT phalanx, singing the song “The Motherland Will Never Forget” powerfully, marched to greet the upcoming Flag Raising Ceremony. At 8a.m. sharp, with the strong and resounding command, NFT members marched with a dignified demeanor, escorting the National Flag, Macao S.A.R. Flag, and UM Flag to the flag-raising platform. Accompanied by the National Anthem, the flag-bearer swung his arm, and the three Flags were raised slowly in the breeze. All attendees stood solemnly, giving the National Flag a salute with sincere blessings to our Motherland.

Every National Day commemorates the tortuous journey of the birth of the People’s Republic of China, reminding people not to forget the path they have come from, while enhancing national pride and cohesion. As the new 2023 bids farewell to three years of pandemic, the country’s development welcomes a new round of opportunities and challenges. The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area gradually enters a stage of deep co-operation, a new development chapter awaits the ambitious youth to write. UM NFT members always adhere to their mission, promoting patriotism, calling on more young people to remember history while feeling the changes of the times, integrating their own development into social construction, and contributing to the prosperity of the Motherland.

The guests who attended the Flag Raising Ceremony include: Prof. Mok Kai Meng, Vice Rector (Student Affairs); Mr Paul Pang, Dean of Students; Prof. Alfred Wong, Interim CYTC Master; Prof. Wong Man Chung, Interim CKLC Master; Prof. Desmond Lam, LCWC Master; Prof. Yang Liu, MLC Master; Prof. Cheung Kwok Cheung, Interim MCMC Master; Prof. Tam Sik Chung, Interim SPC Master;  Ms. Anita Chau, Head of Student Resources Section. 

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