Choi Kai Yau College Coffee Club held a series of “Entering the World of Coffee” workshops

蔡繼有書院咖啡社舉辦 "走進咖啡世界" 系列活動

The Aftertaste Coffee Club of Choi Kai Yau College has successfully held a series of “Entering the World of Coffee” activities on September 19 and September 26. In the “Coffee History and Espresso” workshop on September 19, Ye Haoqi, Leader of the coffee club, introduced the history of world coffee and Chinese coffee, as well as the three “coffee waves” in the world. He said that the coffee wave started with instant coffee, followed by espresso coffee, and finally the specialty coffee wave. After a simple quiz activity, Ye and two club members explained the coffee machines that the club members usually use and the standard extraction process. The audience also participated in the coffee extraction experience and tasted espresso. On September 26, the coffee club invited Mr. Tan, the founder of Zhongshan Steamed Fish Coffee Shop, who is also a senior barista, to the college. In his workshop, he taught how to make hand-brewed coffee. During the workshop, the students actively participated in making hand-brewed coffee and interacted lively with the speaker. Dr Qi Yaning, the Associate Master of CKYC commented: Since the founding of Aftertaste, the society has actively spread coffee culture and strived to create a more harmonious college atmosphere. Aftertaste Coffee Club members also expressed their commitment to launching more high-quality activities and coffee in the future.

Written by: Liu Yimei





Students were participating in a coffee quiz given by the host in the workshop 同學正在參與工作坊裡有關咖啡的競猜遊戲

Coffee-making instrument display 咖啡製作工具展示

The professional barista demonstrated coffee brewing 專業咖啡師展示手沖咖啡

Group photo of the 1st workshop 第一場工作坊大合照

Group photo of the 2nd workshop 第二場工作坊大合照