UM National Flag Team Visited Military Site in Taipa for Exchange and Training


UM National Flag Team Visited Military Site in Taipa for Exchange and Training


UM National Flag Team Participated in the Lecture for Patriotism


UM National Flag Team Experienced the Gears at the Military Site Taipa


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On 21st October 2023, the UM National Flag Team (NFT) participated in a military site exchange activity, receiving professional training from the military to enhance their own professional standards. This exchange activity was the 10th military site exchange since the establishment of NFT and the first time for the sixth batch of new NFT members to enter a military camp for professional guidance, laying a solid foundation for their future flag raising missions.


Under the guidance of the soldiers, the new NFT members visited the military exhibition hall and the Armored Forces Simulation Training Centre of the stationed unit in Macao, gaining an understanding of the historical mission and development process of the People’s Liberation Army Macao Garrison. They gained a deeper appreciation for the importance of national defense and experienced firsthand the training life of the soldiers. Subsequently, the NFT members attended lectures on the knowledge of the National Flag, National Emblem, and National Anthem, deepening their understanding of national symbols and reaffirming their determination to defend the dignity of the National Flag.


The entire NFT members witnessed the Flag Raising Ceremony at the Military Site. Accompanied by resounding footsteps and the solemn National Anthem, the National Flag rose slowly at the Military Site in Taipa.


At the training session, of which the instructors divided NFT members into groups based on their seniority and assigned duties. They developed different training plans for Flag Bearers and Honoring Sword Bearers. In the Flag Bearer training, the instructors led them in practicing the basic five movements, marching in formation, and marching in steps. Later, the instructors demonstrated and explained actions such as tying the Flag, passing the Flag, and raising the Flag. NFT members who were Honoring Sword Bearers received specialized Honoring Sword Bearer training under the guidance of the instructors. The instructors shared their own insights and experiences from their training. The team members listened attentively, and they want to continuously improve the accuracy of their movements based on a solid understanding of the essentials.


The National Flag is not only a symbol of the restoration of sovereignty over Macao by the Country, but also a special bond connecting the People’s Liberation Army Macao Garrison and the people in Macao. Since 2016, the People’s Liberation Army stationed in Macao has conducted several training and exchange activities for student Flag bearers in collaboration with primary schools, secondary schools, and universities in Macao, training thousands of Flag bearers. Since the establishment of UM NFT, the team members have been receiving training and guidance at the Military Site Taipa every year. The development of the UM NFT would not have been successful without the strong support and assistance from the People’s Liberation Army Macao Garrison.


In conclusion, this military site exchange activity provided a valuable opportunity for NFT members to not only improve their ceremonial skills but also learn about knowledge of national defense, enhance discipline, and foster a sense of teamwork, as well as cultivate qualities of perseverance. The team members had gained fruitful experiences and expressed their commitment to uphold the mission of guarding the National Flag, continuously refining their professional movements. They also pledged to integrate the sense of responsibility, discipline, and dedication they learned from the military site training into their daily lives as to grow up into more outstanding and responsible young individuals.


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