Notice of the Graduation Committee: 2023-2024 Guideline for purchasing Undergraduate Graduation Gown

畢業生委員會通告:2023-2024 學士學位畢業生購買畢業袍細則及須知

本通告由 澳門大學學生會 畢業生委員會學會 製作,學生發展處代傳。
This bulletin is produced by Graduation Committee, UMSU and posted by Student Development Section, SAO.


第 3/2022 號畢業生委員會通告

2023-2024 學士學位畢業生購買畢業袍細則及須知

  1. 經協商,本屆學士學位畢業袍套裝價格為每套 MOP380,畢業袍套裝包含禮袍、帽子、披肩及領帶。畢業生應可因應自身情況選擇單件配件購買,價格如下:




MOP 380


MOP 240


MOP 155


MOP 140


MOP 75


  1. 澳門大學學生會畢業生委員會將會在各項目收取約10%的行政費(為方便收款,價格有 MOP1-2元的差異,不便之處敬請見諒)。行政費用將用作其他畢業系列活動(如:畢業紀念品及畢業背景板的製作)的資金。


  1. 同學如欲購買畢業袍或其相關配件,可點擊以下 Google form 連結填寫進行預訂購買。填寫表格截止日期提為 2023 年 11 月 5 日下午 6 時正,逾期不再接受預訂。

買袍報名表 Google Form :


  1. 畢委會將安排製袍公司於指定日期前往澳門大學為購買畢業袍的同學們進行量袍服務,以確保同學們之畢業袍尺寸合適。


  1. 量袍時同學需於當日於現場一併支付畢業袍所需之費用。付款方式為現金付款(不設找續)以及中國銀行轉帳。


  1. 畢業袍量袍及繳費日期為 2023 年 11 月 7-11日 地點為E31-1013 。各學系具體量袍時間如下,請同學務必遵從時間表上各學系之時段前往量袍,以免造成混亂。


  1. 2023-2024 畢業袍訂製為批量統一訂製,本學年訂製機會僅此一次。同學若錯過此次訂製,將不接受任何形式的補訂。不便之處,敬請見諒。
  2. 所填寫之 google form 只作統計畢業袍數據之用,同學是否成功預訂購買畢業袍是根據現場收到畢業袍款項為成功購買。
  3. 同學量袍時需帶備學生證作身份核實。
  4. 若該時間未能出席, 請與本會聯繫。


如有疑問,歡迎同學電郵至畢委會郵箱 或聯繫各學系代表垂詢,祝



澳門大學學生會 畢業生委員會主席



University of Macau Students’ Union

Notice of the Graduation Committee of UMSU No. 3/2022

2023-2024 Guideline for purchasing Undergraduate Graduation Gown


  1. After negotiating with the supplier, the total cost of a set of undergraduate graduation gown is MOP380 . The set includes a gown, a cap, a hood, and a black tie. Students are allowed to purchase single item due to their personal needs. The prices of the items are shown as follow:




(Administration fee included.)

Graduation gown set

MOP 380


MOP 240


MOP 155


MOP 140


MOP 75


2. An administration fee (approximately 10% of each price) will be charged for each Its purpose will be used for preparing other graduation’s activities, such as photography backdrop and souvenir etc..

3. If students are interested in purchasing the graduation gown, please fill in the form below for reservation. The deadline for submitting the application is 18:00, 5th Nov 2023. Late application will not be accepted.

Google form for reservation:

4. Graduation Committee will arrange fitting services to students at the university according to the time scheduled below.

5. Students are required to pay on the day of your chosen fitting time slot. Students can only pay by cash or Bank of China transfer.

6. The fitting services date is from 7-11 th November The venue is E31-1013. The detailed timetable for each of the major is shown as follows. Students are strictly required to follow the timetable for the fitting services, exceptions are made only by personal request and reasons will be considered accordingly.


  • 2023-2024 Graduation Gown Ordering is a bulk order and will only be done once during the academic year. If you miss this order, we will not accept any replacement order. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.The google form filled is only for data Successful reservation is completed only via payment during the fitting services.
  • Students are required to bring their student id during the fitting
  • For the students who are unable to attend both the schedule and rearranged dates, please contact us with sending an email to .


If you have any questions, please email to or contact representatives of various majors for more information. Graduation committee wishes you all have a happy graduation!



President of Graduation Committee

Tong Pui Lam