My Career Path Seminar Series – A Lawyer’s Pursuit of Professional Growth

我的生涯之路系列講座 – 大律師的專業成長軌跡

On 1st November, 2023, Moon Chun Memorial College, University of Macau was delighted to invite well-known lawyer, Dr. Mak Heng Ip, to deliver a sharing session regarding his career path, attracting 25 participants.  This seminar was moderated by College Fellow, Dr. Lee Kin Kei, a senior instructor at the Faculty of Law.

Dr. Mak became interested in law in high school and was determined to become a lawyer. Later, he was successfully admitted to the first law course of the Faculty of Law, University of Macau, hoping to change his destiny through knowledge. However, his career had not been smooth sailing. He experienced a lot of difficulties in his life while pursuing his dreams. In the end, he overcame his difficulties with perseverance and finally set up his own law firm in 2013. Dr. Mak’s story is very inspiring, and his spirit of not fearing difficulties is worth learning from young people. He pointed out what young people lacked in pursuing their dreams is passion and perseverance.  In the end, he encouraged the students to talk less, think more and work more. 


麥律師在中學時對法律產生了興趣,並立志成為律師。 後來,他順利考上澳門大學法學院第一屆法律課程,期望透過知識改變自己的命運。 然而,他的職業生涯並非一帆風順。在追求夢想的過程中,他經歷了許多人生的挫折。 最終,他憑藉著堅毅的信念克服重重困難,終於在2013年成立了自己的律師事務所。麥律師的故事非常勵志,他不畏困難的精神值得年輕人學習。 他指出,年輕人在追求夢想的過程中缺少的是熱情和毅力。最後,他鼓勵學生少說話,多思考,多做事。