Vault│FIRSTHAND (Online Career Library) of Career Development Centre Provides Tips for Expanding Your Social Network

生涯發展中心的 Vault│FIRSTHAND (網上就業資料庫) 提供擴闊社交圈子小撇步

今期和大家分享系統其中一個用處,於系統中點擊 “The Library –> Get the Job –> Networking”

Networking is not simply chatting with somebody.
Your network target should be someone who knows the job market better than you,
for example, industry professionals, employers, alumni and professors, etc.
One of the features in the system we would like to share with you is to click on “The Library –> Get the Job –> Networking”
to know more about tips for expanding your network.


如何使用系統 How to use the system?

1. From Vault│Firsthand landing page, click on “Get Started”
從 Vault│Firsthand登錄頁,按 “開始”

2. Click the “No account yet? register now” or use your LinkedIn account to create a Vault│Firsthand account
按 “未有帳號? 現在註冊” 或使用你的LinkedIn 帳號去建立 Vault│Firsthand 帳號

3. If using the “Register Now” option , enter your email address and click “Submit”
如用 “現在註冊” 的方式,輸入你的電郵,按 “提交”

4. Fill in the required information, and click “Create Account”
填寫所需資料,按 “建立帳號”

5. Use the username and password to login on the page

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