News Express: Ching-Ping Wong gives talk at UM on potential of polymers for electronic applications



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Ching-Ping Wong gives talk at UM on potential of polymers for electronic applications

The University of Macau (UM) held a Doctor honoris causa Lecture today (2 December). Ching-Ping Wong, honorary doctor of UM, gave a talk titled ‘Polymers and Nano Materials for Electronic Application’ to discuss the applications and potential of polymers and nanomaterials. The event attracted UM faculty members and students, local secondary school teachers and students, industry practitioners, as well as prominent members of the community.

According to Dean of UM’s Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) Xu Cheng-Zhong, Prof Wong, as one of the pioneers of plastic packaging technology, has fundamentally transformed the semiconductor packaging technology, pioneering the use of new materials ranging from polymers to nanomaterials and achieving remarkable cost efficiency. His groundbreaking innovations have made great contributions to academia, industry, and society. Prof Wong’s research achievements and projects are at the forefront of the international scene and have been highly recognised and appreciated by people from different sectors of the community.

During the talk, Prof Wong shared his research findings and the wide range of applications of polymers and nanomaterials in the field of electronics. He highlighted how he developed new materials such as polymers and nanomaterials, and how he overcame the challenges posed by traditional ceramic packaging, such as heavy weight, technical complexity, and high cost. The plastic packaging technology he developed has been adopted by many international enterprises and holds a market share of more than 95 per cent in the global integrated circuit packaging market. In addition, Prof Wong encouraged young people to seize opportunities and dare to try. He also actively interacted with the audience during the Q&A and discussion session, which was moderated by Tang Zikang, director of UM’s Institute of Applied Physics and Materials Engineering.

The talk provided an important learning and exchange platform for UM students, faculty, and industry practitioners. Through Prof Wong’s talk and sharing, the university hopes to boost students’ interest and passion for cutting-edge research fields such as polymers and nanomaterials, and to present a model for research and technological innovation, thereby promoting academic innovation and the cultivation of technology talent in Macao.

Those attending the talk also included UM University Council Vice Chair Huen Wing Ming and his wife, Vice Rectors Michael Hui and Rui Martins, and Prof Franco Maloberti, one of the other honorary doctors.

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