UM National Flag Team Successfully Held the Flag Raising Ceremony for UM Open Day 2024


UM National Flag Team Successfully Held the Flag Raising Ceremony for Macao S.A.R. Establishment Day


UM National Flag Team Marched Neatly towards the Flag Raising Platform


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The University of Macau (UM) successfully held the “UM Open Day” on 14th January 2024. This year’s UM Open Day is a joint collaboration between Macao and Hengqin, with simultaneous events taking place in both locations. UM warmly opened its campus and Zhuhai UM Science and Technology Research Institute, welcoming citizens, students, parents, and visitors from across Macao to explore the forefront of scientific research and the vibrant UM campus life.


As part of the UM Open Day, the UM National Flag Team (NFT) successfully held the grand Flag Raising Ceremony at the UM N6 Lotus Square, attracting a large number of RC teachers and students to deepen their understanding of UM’s culture and achievements. Students and faculty members from different RC gathered at the Lotus Square to participate in this momentous occasion. In the morning under the warm winter sun, the NFT members marched in unison, safeguarding the National Flag, Macao S.A.R. Flag, and UM Flag as they moved steadily towards the platform. With the solemn rendition of the National Anthem, everyone stands in reverence, bearing witness to the rising of the National Flag, Macao S.A.R. Flag, and the UM Flag, symbolizing the intertwining of UM’s mission, dreams, and aspirations.


Amidst the melody of the National Anthem, the NFT flag bearers slowly raised the National Flag, Macao S.A.R. Flag, and the UM Flag to the top of the flagpoles. The 3 Flags fluttered in the wind, signifying the ideals and future of UM students and faculty members walking hand in hand with their Motherland and the Macao S.A.R. The audience paid their respects to the Flags, offering their sincerest blessings for a wonderful new semester and the successful celebration of the UM Open Day.


Following the Flag Raising Ceremony, the UM Open Day programmes  continued, offering visitors the opportunity to participate in various activities such as academic lectures, college award tours, laboratory demonstrations, campus tours, and booth games. Through specially curated exhibitions and guided tours, visitors not only experienced the unique educational philosophy and rich academic atmosphere of UM but also had the chance to interact with faculties and staff members, gaining insights into UM’s latest developments and achievements.

The UM Open Day is not only a showcase of campus life but also a commitment to the future. With open arms, the University of Macau actively displays its cultural heritage and welcomes every curious and knowledge-seeking visitor, transmitting the light of knowledge and patriotic sentiments to every soul.


The Flag Raising Ceremony was attended by nearly 500 people, including distinguished guests such as: Prof. Mok Kai Meng, Vice Rector (Student Affairs);  Mr. Paul Pang, Dean of Students; Dr. Lau Yun Tung, CKPC Master; Prof. Alfred Wong, Interim CYTC Master; Prof. Wong Man Chung, Interim CKLC Master; Prof. Janny Leung May Yee, CKYC Master; Prof. Desmond Lam, LCWC Master; Prof. Yang Liu, MLC Master; Prof. Cheung Kwok Cheung, Interim MCMC Master; Prof. Tam Sik Chung, Interim SPC Master; Ms. Carol Wong, Director of RTO; Ms. Anita Chau, Head of Student Resources Section; Ms. Stephanie Io, Head of Student Development Section.


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