2023/2024 2nd Semester PGH House Tutor Recruitment


研究生宿舍小導師團隊正在招募2023/2024第二學期的新成員。請詳細閱讀申請指南(Recruitment Guidelines),並在1月22日至2月2日前提交網上申請。期待你的加入!

申請指南: 按此  
申請日期: 2024年1月22日 至 2024年2月2日  
申請方法: 按此遞交網上申請或掃描二維碼填寫申請表
其他咨詢: 致電 8822 2660 或 電郵至: sao.pgh@um.edu.mo  


研究生宿舍小導師(PGH HT)的使命

研究生宿舍小導師(PGH HT)的福利
– 為了表彰HT所提供的服務,將根據研究生宿舍的條款和規則,在任命期間予以獲保障宿位及免除或部分免除其住宿費用(以確切的上任日期為準)。
– 在文化多元、充滿活力和挑戰的環境中豐富自身的工作閱歷。
– 為HT建立了與大學領導層交流的機會,並提高了HT的人際溝通和領導能力。

學生事務部 | 學生資源

PGH House Tutor Team is recruiting new members for 2nd Semester of 2023/2024! Please read the recruitment guidelines carefully, and submit an online application form in the link below or scan QR code to apply. 

Recruitment Guidelines: Click here  
Application Date: From January 22 to February 2, 2024  
Application Method: Click here to apply online or scan QR code to apply
For Enquiries: Phone: 8822 2660 or Email: sao.pgh@um.edu.mo  


Missions of being a House Tutor of Postgraduate House (PGH HT)
The role of House Tutor is vital to Postgraduate House service; it is more than just a friendly presence on the floor. The HTs focus on enhancing the quality of living in PGH for their fellow students. Their tasks include fostering community, providing empathetic support, strengthening the communication between the University and students, and being attentive to the safety and security of students.

Benefits of being a House Tutor of Postgraduate House (PGH HT)
– In recognition of the services rendered, House Tutors will receive guaranteed accommodation and their accommodation fee will be waived or partially waived according to the PGH’s terms & conditions during the appointment term (subject to exact report-duty date).
– Strengthen HTs’ career background: solid working experience in a diverse, multicultural, high-demanding, and dynamic environment.
– The position creates opportunities for networking with leadership of the University, and enhances HTs’ communication and leadership skills.

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