Students from the Stage Management Programme, UM National Flag Team Media Team, and UM Dance Troupe Played a Visit to Studio City Macau Stage Operation


Group Photo of students from the Stage Management Programme, UM National Flag Team Media Team, and UM Dance Troupe with the Studio City Macau


UM Students Visited Stage Operation of Studio City Macau


Studio City Macau’s Stage Technical Representative Provided Guidance to UM Students










To provide students with a deeper understanding of the internal facilities and operations of a large-scale stage and enhance the theoretical foundation of stage management, on 22nd May 2024, the Student Resources Section organized approximately 20 students from the “Stage Management Programme”, UM National Flag Team Media Team, and UM Dance Troupe to visit and learn about the stage and backstage operations at Studio City Macau, as well as to engage in knowledge exchange.

Upon arrival, the activity managers and professional technicians from Studio City Macau guided the students through the tour and provided detailed explanations of the stage facilities, backstage areas, and front-of-house settings.

The UM visiting group first explored the stage and audience seating area at Studio City Event Centre, which was being prepared for an upcoming concert. The students gained firsthand understanding of the production processes and operational aspects behind the performance venue. Studio City Macau elucidated the various divisions in the industry, the diverse design and utilization of the venue, and the practical operational procedures, thus dispelling any doubts the students had regarding stage production.

After the tour, the Studio City Macau team shared the challenges they encounter when planning different types of performances with the students. Through this in-depth and detailed introduction, the students gained a comprehensive understanding of large-scale event planning, the versatile use of theatre stages, and the application of technology.

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