Reminder : Locker Clearing of AY2023/2024 (Deadline: 30 June)

溫馨提示:2023/2024學年清理儲物箱通知 (期限:06月30日)



若學生在清理儲物箱的最後期限仍未清理儲物箱內的物件及拿走其扣鎖時,儲物箱內物件將由本校處理 (食物或飲料將會被立刻棄置);學生亦須繳付處理費100澳門元。

另外,根據<<儲物箱租借須知 2023>>:


如有垂詢,可透過電郵 或於辦工時間內致電 8822 9902 與何先生聯絡。


學生事務部 │ 學生資源處

To: Locker Users

We would like to remind you that the deadline of locker clearing is 30 June. Please make sure to clear up your locker and take away the padlock on or before that date.

According to Rule No. 5 of “Rules for Locker Rental”:
If a student does not clear the locker and take away the padlock by the deadline of locker clearing, the properties inside the locker will be handled by the University (food or beverage will be disposed immediately) and a handling fee of MOP100 will be charged to the student.

Also, according to “Locker Rental Information 2023”:
Items in the lockers will be removed and kept in SAO’s storeroom until 30 June 2025, while UM shall not be held responsible for any of the lost or damage occurred herein. UM shall dispose them without further notice if students fail to collect them by the deadline.

For the Rules for Locker Rental and Locker Rental Information 2023, you may refer to the link below:

Should you have any queries, you may contact Mr. Ho by email: or Tel: 8822 9902 during office hours.

Thank you for your attention.

Student Resources Section │ Student Affairs Office